Job Specifications

  • Pressure wash entire house to clean siding of any chalk, mildew, dirt and pollution. When needed biodegradable cleaner guaranteed harmless to vegetation, children and pets.

  • Removal of all Shutters and thoroughly clean any dirt and debris behind them.

  • Hand scrape and clean all loose paint from wood surfaces. Primer all exposed wood with a high quality exterior primer.

  • Caulk all doors, windows and open gaps on all structures to be painted with a 35 year acrylic siliconized caulk.

  • Mask off all fixtures, doors, windows, foundation and roofing. Cover all plants, trees, grass and etc.

  • Application of TWO COATS of Sherwin Williams A-100 Satin Enamel paint with emulsabond additives specially formulated for aluminum siding. Adequate thickness will be applied to assure smooth, solid coverage.

  • Removal of all masking, clean and landscape all work areas.

  • Brush paint and touch-up all areas on home.

  • Application of TWO COATS of enamel paint to all shutters and reinstall to their original position.

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